Sony HVR-V1u Won’t Load Tape Error Code C 32:11

Are you having problems loading the tape on your Sony HVR-V1u Sony camcorder. The camcorder may be going into an error code such as C:32:11. The camcorder may be prompting you to “Re-attach the power source”. We are experts on this model camcorder and in this video we go over this exact problem. If you would like to speak to a technician just give us a call and we would be happy to speak with you.

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Hello my name is Sherman and I am one of the techs here at You are probably watching this video because you are having a problem with your camcorder. I would like to show you a couple of quick tips to get your camcorder back up and running again.

The Sony HVR-V1u camcorder is a camera that we specialize in and work on daily. We sometimes see a problem with the tape mechanism, which is also known as the tape transport, VCR or VTR section of the camcorder.

Problems occur when it will not load down or latch and is stuck in the fully ejected or unloaded position. It is like this either with or without a tape inside.

You may also see an error code such as c:32:11 flashing on the LCD or viewfinder. Other Sony error codes that you may see are C:31:10, C:31:11 or even C:32:10. You may even have the camcorder tell you to re-attach the power source. These Sony error codes stand for a loading problem or an error with the mechanical tape transport.

The first thing that you are going to want to do is, to remove power from the camcorder, wait a few seconds and then reapply power to the camcorder. Doing this will reset the main microprocessor and ultimately cause the mechanical assembly to reset as well. If resetting the camcorder does not take care of this issue, then you do have a problem, that will not go away on its own. Your camcorder will need to be professionally repaired.

The reason that this happens is due to a problem in the VCR or mechanical tape transport section of the camcorder.

We are very experienced at being able to reliably fix this, or any other problem that you are experiencing your Sony HVR-V1u camcorder. When repaired properly there’s no reason why you can’t get years more of good service from this camcorder. Whatever the problem is you’re having with your camcorder, we are here to help. We work on these camcorders every day and are very experienced with them. Give us a call and you can talk to me or any one of our other camcorder techs. We would be happy to talk to you and answer any of your repair questions.

Actual customer complaints with Loading problems on their Sony HVR-V1u camcorder.

“The VCR will not go down on my V1u after it closes. It will also not allow the door to close.”

“C:32:11 error. Can not insert tape. camcorder is a Sony HVR-V1u”


“I have a Sony V1U that has been a great workhorse even having bought it used. It is giving me a C:31:10 error message — that was yesterday. Leading up to this, it was indicating that the record protect tab was pulled when it had not. It still recorded anyway. Until yesterday. Now it will not transport tape neither in camera nor playback mode.”

“I’ve had this camera (HVR-V1) for 5 years – worked perfectly – until now – the cassette tray is jammed open the tray stays open – nothing will make it drop down.”

“Tape loading and unloading mechanism broken om my V1u.”

“I am having “re-attach power source” pop up and I can’t find the solution. It also pops up with the code c:31:10. I think I need to send it in to get fixed and clean.”

“Sony HVR-V1u C 32:11 screen reads reattach power source as well”

“It says the cassette is record tab locked even when there is no cassette in deck. Now it wont load the cassette its a Sony V1u NEEDS REPAIR!”

“I have a sony hvr v1u and the tape deck will not stay closed; also a warning pops up saying “reattach the power source C:32:11. I looked up the self diagnosis chart, it says loading problem.”

“Have a HVR V1U that will not close with a tape inserted.”

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