Sony HDR-FX7 Loading Problem Error Code C 32:11

Is your Sony HDR-FX7 camcorder displaying an error code such as C:32:11? Is the camcorder having problems loading down with the tape inserted or without. When the video camera has this problem it may be be prompting you to “Re-attach the power source”. Here we have a video going over this exact problem. We would be happy top talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call and one of our Sony FX7 techs would be happy to speak with you.

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Hello my name is Sherman and I am one of the techs here at You’re probably watching this video because you are having a problem with your Sony camcorder. I’d like to show you a couple of quick tips to get your camcorder back up and running again.

In this video we are looking at the a Sony HDR-FX7 camcorder. The problem that we are seeing here, is that the cassette door won’t latch and stay closed either with or without a tape inside. It is also stuck in the full unload or eject position and will not load down.

You may also see an error code like c:32:11 flashing on the LCD or the viewfinder. Other Sony error codes that you may see are C:31:10, C:31:11 or C:32:10. You may even have the camcorder say to re-attach the power source. These Sony error codes stand for a loading problem or an error with the mechanical tape transport.

The first thing that you can try is to remove power from the camcorder and then reapply power to the camcorder. Doing this will reset the main microprocessor and ultimately cause the mechanical assembly to reset as well. If that does not take care of it , then you do have a problem, that won’t go away on its own. Your camcorder will need to be professionally repaired.

The reason that this happens is due to a problem in the VCR or mechanical tape transport section of the camcorder. There are parts of the mechanical assembly that don’t allow it to communicate properly with the microprocessor circuits.

We are very experienced at being able to reliably fix this, or any problem that you are experiencing your Sony FX7 camcorder. When repaired properly there’s no reason why you can’t get years more of good service from this camcorder.

Whatever the problem is you’re having with your camcorder, we are here to help. We work on these camcorders every day and are very experienced with them. Give us a call and you can talk to me or any one of our other camcorder techs. We would be happy to talk to you and answer any of your repair questions.

Actual customer complaints with Loading Issues on their Sony HDR-FX7 camcorder.

“Loading mechanism will not go down on my HDR-FX7 video camera, Tape door will not close. Get error message C32:11.”

“My Sony HDR FX7 is getting a message to “reinsert cassette” multiple times–up to 30 times before it would accept the mini dv and record. After about 3 videos, the door would no longer close.”

“Tape drive jammed, will not open or close”

“Tape deck will not close. Error Code C32:11”

“The Tape Deck on my Sony HDR Fx7 Won’t Close.”

“Problem with Sony FX7 video camera. Tape won’t load down. Pic of a cassette housing that is stuck open When you put a tape in and close the door the the tape housing just pops back open and doesn’t stay closed or latched.”

“It will also sometimes show an error on the LCD or Viewfinder screen Re-attach power source, tried removing battery does not help.”

“HDR-FX7 Camera will not accept tape, requests user to reconnect power supply”

“DV tape deck will not close. Error message C:32:11 appears on screen – Sony HDR-FX7.”

“Tape loading device is stuck in up position.”

“The tape door is stuck open C:32:11 Error”

“FX7 camcorder having issues with the camera accepting and ejecting tapes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. the ejection port seems very sluggish when it does work.”

“C32 11 loading problem, Tape loading device is stuck in up position “

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