Mic Holder Broken Sony Camcorder – Step By Step Replacement Instructions

Is the mic holder on you camcorder loose or broken? No need to send it in for repair, you can easy replace it yourself. Step by Step instructions by an Sony repair technician make this process easy.

Give us a call to order a new Sony genuine mic holder or order a new mic holder here. Below is a list of some compatible models. If you are not sure if your camcorder model is compatible, no problem, just give us a call with the model number of your Sony video camera and we will let you know.
Here is a list of some compatihttps://www.videoonerepair.com/product/sony-mic-microphone-external-holder/ble Sony camcorder models.


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Hello my name is Sheryl and I am one of the Sony technicians at VideoOneRepair.com. I would like to show you how to replace your mic holder on your Sony camcorder.

I have a Sony HXR-NX5u camcorder in front of me with a broken mic holder. As you can see the mic holder is quite loose on the camcorder and needs to be replaced. This is a common problem with these mic holders.

There is no need to send your camcorder in for repair for this problem. You can easily replace the mic holder yourself.Let’s get started

I have the camcorder with the broken mic holder, a new mic holder, and A small Phillips head screwdriver. The one that I am using is a size 0.

I recommend opening the LCD screen to give yourself more room to work.

Your first step is to simply open the mic holder. Now remove the two screws that hold the mic holder in place and remove the mic holder.
Put the new mic holder on

Replace the two screws that you just removed.
I’m all done and as you can see The mic holder is nice and stable on the camcorder.

This process is The same for many other Sony camcorder’s including the Sony HVR-Z5u, HVR-Z7u and HDR-AX2000. If you need more assistance replacing the mic holder on your camcorder or if you need to order a new mic holder just give us a call and we would be happy to help.

I hope this video was helpful and thank you for watching.


The problem with the camcorder is a faulty internal electronic switch. This part must be replaced in order to correct this problem.

If you are in the middle of a shoot and really need to eject the tape, I would suggest sliding the eject switch several times in a row quickly. You can also try holding the switch in the eject position while gently wiggling it back and forth.

Never spray anything into this assembly or try and pry the tape out of the camcorder. This will only cause damage to the camcorder and the tape.

When you are ready to send your camcorder in for repair, we would be happy to help you get it up and running again.

At Video One Repair, we specialize in repairing the XL-H1 camcorder.

If you have any questions about this or any problem you’re having with your camcorder, give us a call and speak to me or any one of our knowledgeable Canon technicians. You can also visit our website that VideoOneRepair.com or just click on the link to our website in the description below. We look forward to helping you

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