Sony HVR-V1u Won’t Load Tape Error Code C 32:11

Are you having problems loading the tape on your Sony HVR-V1u Sony camcorder. The camcorder may be going into an error code such as C:32:11. The camcorder may be prompting you to "Re-attach the power source". We are experts on this model camcorder and in this video we go over this exact problem. If you [...]

Canon XL H1 Loose Ports Repair

The Canon XLH1 camcorder can develop a problem where all or some of the ports on the back of the camcorder will stop working or loosen. This includes the DV port, Headphone port and LANC port. The screws internally in the camera, loosen causing this problem. We have a video going over this exact problem [...]

Sony HDR-FX1000 Mechanical Problems

Are you having mechanical problems with your Sony HDR-FX1000 camcorder? Here is an informative video going over mechanical tape transport problems. When your camcorder is experiencing mechanical issues it may be going into an error code such as C:32:23 or C:32:22. The camcorder may also be displacing a "Tape is locked - Check the Tab" [...]

Sony HDR-FX1000 Loading Error C:32:11

Are you having problems loading a cassette tape in your Sony HDR FX1000 camcorder? Here is an informative video going over this problem. When your camcorder will not load a tape or if the tape is stuck in the camcorder it may be going into a loading error such as C:32:11 or C:31:11. The tape [...]

Sony HDR-FX1 Mechanical Problem – Repair and Troubleshooting

Are you having mechanical problems with your tape transport or mechanical assembly on your Sony HDR-FX1 camcorder? We have an informative video where we go over this problem as well as troubleshooting tips. When the mechanical assembly of your camcorder is not working correctly it can display problems in many ways. The video camera can [...]

Canon XL2 Dead Not Powering Up

Are you having problems with your Canon XL2 video camera not powering up? We are experts at repairing these camcorders. If you would like to speak to a tech about his problem or any problem you are having with your Canon XL2 camcorder, just give us a call.  888-283-2228. Read Video Transcript Hello My name is [...]

Sony Camcorder Video Camera Error Codes

Is your Sony video camera giving you an error code. This article goes over the different error codes and what they mean. We go over how to reset your camcorder to determine if the camcorder is in need of repair.

Canon GL2 Tape Transport Mechanical Problem “Remove the Cassette”

Are you experiencing mechanical or tape transport problems with your Canon GL2 camcorder? When this model camcorder is having mechanical problems the camcorder may display an “Eject the tape Error” on screen. They camcorder may also be eating or damaging tapes. Here is a information video addressing these problems.