Sony C:32:60 Lens Error Workaround For HDR-FX1000, HDR-Z5u, HDR-AX2000 and HXR-NX5u

Are you experiencing a C:32:60 lens error or focus problem?

If you are experiencing a C:32:60 lens error, can’t focus, or are hearing abnormal noises coming from your Sony camcorder then this article may help. This workaround should help you get through your last shoot. It’s not intended to fix your camcorder, its only intended as an emergency solution when you have to finish a job. This workaround should work with the Sony HVR-Z5U, HDR-FX1000, HDR-AX2000 or HXR-NX5U camcorders. If you would like to read more about why your camcorder goes into the Sony C:32:60 Lens Error just click the link.

Essential guidelines for this workaround to work:

  • Make sure that you have your camcorder on a tripod. It’s not impossible to do this hand holding the camcorder but if you are, it will be very difficult for you to maintain focus due to the faulty condition of the lens.
  • For a more zoomed in or close up shot, slightly tilt the camcorder forward.
  • For a more zoomed out or wide angle shot, slightly tilt the camcorder back.
  • By tilting the camcorder forward or backward you are manually moving internal focus lens into the proper position to focus your shot.
  • As a rule of thumb you do not want the focus lens all the way forward or backward, you will need to briefly tilt it in the opposite direction to move it out of that position.
  • Focusing your shot is done by turning the ZOOM RING not the focus ring.

Focusing a zoomed in or close up shot:

If you want a zoomed in or telephoto shot, start by using the zoom ring or zoom rocker to zoom in on your subject. Then continue by tilting the camcorder forward. Tilting the camcorder forward moves the internal focus lens forward. You will be tilting the camcorder forward for around 3-5 seconds. You do not want the focus lens all the way forward so slightly tilt the camcorder back for a second. Then bring the camcorder back to a horizontal state. Slowly rotate the zoom ring to achieve focus. Remember you are not using or touching the focus ring. If you do not achieve focus, slightly tilt the camcorder backwards, for another second and bring the camcorder back to a horizontal state. Again, use the zoom ring to try and focus your shot. It’s ok to tilt the camcorder backwards more than once. This will slightly move the internal focus lens and allow you to achieve focus.

Focusing a zoomed out or wide angle shot:

If you are trying to accomplish a zoomed out or wide-angle shot, you will need to do the opposite of a zoomed in shot. Start by zooming out, tilting the camcorder backwards for 3-5 seconds and then forward for a second. You will then need to turn the zoom ring to adjust for focus.

If you are not successful or the lens is making excessive abnormal noises, repeat the entire process.

After you have achieved focus:

Once you are in focus, you will want to be very careful not to bump the camcorder or the internal focus lens will move causing your image to go out of focus.

This process will not stop the camcorder from displaying the C:32:60 lens error, it will continue to display the error until it is fixed properly. Remember, you are not fixing the camcorder, this process is a temporary  workaround to get you through your shoot. We do not recommend that you depend on this procedure, it doesn’t always work and cannot be depended on.

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Good Luck, we really hope this helps.

Rather watch a video? We did a video going over the whole C:32:60 workaround procedure.

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