Sony C 32:60 Lens Error

There are few things as frustrating as being in the middle of a shoot and then being thwarted by an error code. If you turn on your Sony camcorder and see a C:32:60 error message, you are probably wondering what it is and how to correct it.

We often see this in Sony HXR-NX5U, Sony HDR-AX2000, Sony HVR-Z5U and Sony HDR-FX1000 camcorder models. These model video cameras all have the same lens and similar circuitry. You can watch a video about lens problems with the FX1000 camcorder here: Lens Error Video

The symptoms of a problem and error messages shown in the video are similar for all of the above mentioned models.

What is the Sony C:32:60 error?

In short, the C:32:60 error has to do with the lens assembly, more specifically the internal focus lens of your camera. The internal focus lens is the part of your Sony camcorder that controls the image focus. The focus lens is managed by a very precise magnetic field. If anything disturbs that magnetic field, the electronic drive circuits that control the lens can and will malfunction. When the dreaded Sony C:32:60 error message occurs, your auto-focus will not work nor will you be able to focus the camera manually.

All Sony camcorders can have this lens error problem.

Any Sony camcorder may display the C 32:60 lens error message at any given time but we most commonly see it in the following models
Sony HDR-FX1000 Lens Error Video
Sony HDR-AX2000
Sony HVR-Z5U

What are the symptoms of a Sony C:32:60 error?

The most obvious symptom is your camera’s inability to focus. Other symptoms include:

  • Flashing on-screen C:32:60 error message
  • Failure to auto-focus
  • Failure to manually focus
  • Beeping sound
  • Buzzing noise coming from inside the camera
  • Long warm-up/start-up time

What causes the Sony C:32:60 error?

A number of things can cause your Sony prosumer or professional model camcorder to go into the C:32:60 error mode. Sudden impact is the most common cause of this frustrating problem. If your tripod tips over, or if you drop your camera bag, the auto-focus feature of your camcorder may fail. Repeated rough handling of your camera can also cause a Sony C:32:60 error. Disturbances, physical or magnetic, to the drive circuits that control the lens may cause the error message. In some cases, the internal focus lens apparatus itself will fail without any cause.

How can the Sony C:32:60 error be prevented?

The number one thing you can do to avoid this frustrating error is to protect your valuable Sony camera at all times. When you are not actively using the camera, keep it stowed safely in a padded camera bag. If you travel by air, take your camera aboard the aircraft with you in lieu of leaving it to the mercy of baggage handlers. Avoid mounting your camera on a moving vehicle, as excessive vibration can and will lead to internal errors.

Can I fix or repair the C:32:60 error myself?

If you see this error, the first thing to try is a camera reset. Do this by removing the power source and then reapplying power. This should automatically reset the lens. Computer users know about rebooting a stubborn machine; resetting your Sony camcorder involves much the same principle. Sony recommends reinitializing your camera by following these steps in the order listed:

1. Turn off the camcorder
2. Disconnect the AC power adapter
3. Remove the battery pack
4. Wait 5 seconds
8. Reconnect the AC power adapter or reinsert the battery pack
9. Turn your camcorder back on

If these steps do not work, you may be able to perform a manual reset that will revert your Sony camera to original factory settings. First, open up your LCD screen. There you will find a reset hole which you will need an unfolded paperclip or sharp object to fit in the hole. Press and hold the reset button for two seconds.

If you have a Sony HDR-FX1000, HDR-Z5u, HDR-AX2000 or a HXR-NX5u camcorder and  you are on a final shoot and need an emergency work around, we have an article and video that goes through the instruction to get you through your last shoot.

Sony C:32:60 Lens Error Help Video

When all else fails

If your Sony camcorder goes into error mode and none of the aforementioned fixes brings it back to life, don’t worry. At Video One Repair we’ve been repairing and servicing prosumer and professional-quality Sony camcorders for more than 20 years. We understand all the Sony error codes and how to fix them. For further information regarding the C:32:60 error, or any other problems that you are having with your Sony camcorder, please call our toll-free number 888-283-2228 and speak with a knowledgeable Sony camcorder technician.