Sony HDR-FX1000 Lens Error C:32:60 E:62:10 Video

Lens problems with the Sony HDR FX1000 camcorder can manifest in many ways. Most commonly a C 32:60 or E 62:10 lens error message will display. The camcorder may not be focusing properly, not zooming in and out, and there may even be abnormal noises coming from the lens area of the video camera.

This problem may be intermittent and the problem may happen in both manual and auto focus.

Different Error Messages Display With HDR FX1000 Lens Problem

As shown in the video, if you are having lens issues with a HDR FX1000 camcorder the following error messages may display on the screen:

  • C:32:60
  • E:62:10
  • E:61:30
  • E:62:11
  • E:62:20

All of the above are connected to a problem with the lens and related circuity. In addition, there may be an on-screen message telling you to reconnect the power source or to “reinsert cassette”. You can try resetting the camcorder by  removing the battery or AC adapter and then reattach it to your video camera.

If you are in the middle of a shoot and need to get through it, we have a video going over a technique you can you to possibly get through.

Watch C:32:60 Lens Error Workaround Video.

Read Video Transcript

Hello my name is Sheryl, I’m one of the Sony technicians at I would like to go over a problem that you may be having focusing with your Sony HDR-FX1000 camcorder.

You may hear unusual sounds coming from the lens area of the camcorder and you may also have problems trying to focus. Sometimes this problem will appear with an error message or error code such C:32:60 or E:61:10. Other error messages that you may see in addition to C:32:60 and E:61:10 are E:61:30, E:62:10 and E:62:20. There may be an on screen error message asking you to reattach the power source.

The first step is to try resetting the camcorder. This is done by removing the power source, such as the battery or AC adapter, waiting a few seconds and then reattaching it. You can also try doing a hard reset, this is done by gently pressing the reset button using a sharp item such as the end of a paperclip. You will know that you have done this correctly if the camcorder prompts you to set the clock.

If the camcorder continues to go into a lens error or is still not focusing properly, then it will need to be repaired professionally by an experienced technician who specializes working on these camcorders.

At we specialize in repairing the Sony HDR-FX1000 camcorder. We would love to help you get your camcorder up and running again. Give us a call and speak to me or anyone of our knowledgeable Sony technicians. You could also visit our website at Video One or just click on the link To our website in the description below. Thank you we look forward to helping you.

Sony HDR-FX1000 Complaints by Our Customers

“When I turned it on got a blue screen and then a blurred picture with an error code c:32:60.”

“While it is running in movie mode and ever since will not focus and gives 32:60 error. All else seems to function okay. I tried resetting and reattaching power but still gives error and wont focus. It had always worked perfect before.”

“My Sony HDR-FX1000 camcorder has error E:62:10 Code continues to flash on my LCD screen, after it has been mishandled, and dropped on the floor about 2 1/2 from the top of the production desk.”

“Focus Ring C 32:60 error message on fx1000 video camera.”

“The camera is displaying error 61:10. The zoom/focus does not work.”

“I have a Sony FX1000 that is showing Error E:61:10 and it will not zoom or focus, need to repair this.”

“Error c32:60 does not allow to record not focusing all of sudden.”

“I dropped the camera from a table. The Zoom feature is stuck. I’ve tried the fix posted on this site but it did not work. It simply include turning the camera off, remove the battery, put the battery back on, re-set the camera, then turn it on. This fix did not work.”

“Assistant dropped HDR-FX1000 camera, and it hit the floor, the main problem is it has a slight problem with the lens, it looks like the lens hood is in the frame, but it is not, it looks like the aperture ring is misaligned, error code (E:62:20).”

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