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We know your camcorder best, which saves us time and you money!  We offer some of the best repair rates in the industry.

There’s Nothing We Can’t Fix On Your Sony Camcorder

  • We stock one of the largest Sony OEM replacement parts inventories in the U.S.
  • Extensive expertise repairing Sony video camcorders since 1994
  • We employ specialized tools and alignment jigs to ensure all repairs are done properly
  • We are so confident in our repairs, we offer a full 6 month warranty on the entire camera, not just the repair.

Free Estimates & Free Return Shipping

We actually put it on the bench, troubleshoot, and diagnose it then give you a real estimate you can depend on.  We never charge for an estimate or standard return shipping!

The Most UNHEARD OF Guarantee in the Industry

We warranty your ENTIRE CAMERA – not just the repair – for 6 months!

We don’t just repair the single complaint and send it back like most other shops. Most shops only warranty the part that was repaired for 1-3 months. The reason we can give you this warranty is because of the extra steps we go through to help ensure you get more years of solid and dependable use.   We know your camcorder and camera extremely well.  We go through each of its systems to identify problem areas and we solve them before they require another repair.

Common Problems We Repair On Sony Tape Based Camcorders

  • Spots or Debris on Sensor
  • LCD Screen is Cracked or LCD Scratched
  • Power Problems, Dead – Won’t Come On, Or Doesn’t Fully Power Up
  • Lens Goes Into Error Such As C:32:60 C:62:10. Lens Does Not Focus
  • Firewire DV Port Loses Connection or Doesn’t Work Bad Port
  • Controls or Switches Are Not Working or Intermittent
  • Tripod Mount is Stripped
  • No Picture In Camera Mode Record Mode
  • Pictures Problems on Play Back on Old Recording and New Recordings
  • Eats Tapes, Damages Cassettes
  • Dropped or Impact Damage
  • Water, Liquid, or Moisture Damage

Sony Tape Based Camcorder Models We Repair

Don’t see your model?  Call to see if we can help  888-283-2228
Don’t see your model?  Call to see if we can help  888-283-2228

Sony Tape Based Camcorder Models We Repair

Don’t see your model?  Call to see if we can help  888-283-2228
Don’t see your model?  Call to see if we can help  888-283-2228

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