Sony HDR-FX1000 Loading Error C:32:11

Are you having problems loading a cassette tape in your Sony HDR FX1000 camcorder?
Here is an informative video going over this problem. When your camcorder will not load a tape or if the tape is stuck in the camcorder it may be going into a loading error such as C:32:11 or C:31:11. The tape may also be struggling to eject. We would be happy to help troubleshoot any problem you are having with your Sony HDR-FX1000 camcorder. Just give us a call and one of our technicians would be happy to speak with you.

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Hello my name is Sheryl, I am one of the lead technicians at I would like to go over a tape loading problem that we sometimes see with the Sony HDR-FX1000 camcorder. As you can see the problem that this Sony camcorder is experiencing, is that it will not load down either with a tape or without a tape.

Sometimes this problem will appear with an error message or error code such as C32:11. Other error messages that you may see in addition to C32:11 are C32:10 C31:10 and C31:11. The camcorder may have an on screen error message asking you to reattach the power source

The first step is to try resetting the camcorder. This is done by removing the power source, such as the battery or ac adapter, waiting a few seconds and then reattaching it. If the camcorder continues to go into error or is still not loading properly, then it will need to be repaired professionally by an experienced technician who specializes working on these camcorders.

At Video One we specialize in repairing the Sony HDR-FX1000 camcorder. We would love to help you get your camcorder up and running again. Give us a call and speak to me or any one of our knowledgably Sony technicians. You can also visit our website at or just click on the link to our website in the description below. We look forward to helping you.

Actual customer complaints with  loading problems on their Sony HDR-FX1000 camcorder.

“Having issues my FX1000 camcorder with the camera accepting and ejecting tapes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The ejection seems very sluggish when it does work.”

“I have a Sony HDR-FX1000. The tape load mechanism is not accepting tapes and will not allow the tape door to be closed.”

“Problem is when loading the tape the error code C 32:11 just flashes on the LCD screen.”

“I now get the error code 32:11 and am unable to close the tape door (with or without a tape inside).”

“I recently ejected a mini DV tape and now it will not accept another tape”

“Camcorder keeps prompting me to re-attach power source. I have put the battery on and off a few times but it keeps happening?”

“My tape was stuck in my hdrfx1000 and I couldn’t play or record at all”

“Keep getting either a 32:11 or 31:11 error code”

“The cassette door will not stay closed on my Sony HDR-FX1000 video, error C32:11”

“First problem, stuck tape, second problem C32:11, third problem reattach power error on LCD screen”

“No previous problem with my FX1000, went to use one day now getting the error C32:11.”

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