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Sony Camcorder Repair Service Center

Sony Camcorder Repair Service Center

Looking for Sony camcorder repair? Our techs have over 20 years of experience working on Pro level Sony camcorders

  • Faster service – we stock one of the largest inventories of original Sony replacement parts for the models we repair.
  • We get it right the first time – We get the diagnosis and repair right the first time (we’re not a “replace-and-cross-your-fingers” type of shop).
  • Back to factory specs – We reassemble and ALIGN your camcorder back to factory specs — this is an area where many shops make mistakes and it can cost you later.
  • Extremely well-qualified – We make serious investments in software, test equipment and training; this keeps us extremely well-qualified.
  • We troubleshoot to a deeper level – rather than just replace an entire and more expensive module, we troubleshoot your camcorder to a deeper level – we get right down to the component level.

“While most other shops may see one or two Pro-level Sony camcorders in a year, we work on them every day”

Need troubleshooting help or just have a simple problem?

We’re ready to answer any of your questions. Our expert Sony techs welcome your call.

Toll Free: 888-283-2228

We have the best warranty in the industry.

“When we repair your Sony camcorder we don’t just warranty the part that we repair, we warranty the entire camcorder — for 6 months!”

Unlike other shops that offer a warranty on the area of the camcorder that they fixed, Video One Repair covers the whole camcorder.  So, if another unrelated problem occurs within 6 months, just send it back in and we will take care of it for you — no charge!

Most popular Sony Pro Camcorder error codes, what do they mean?

Sony error code C:31:23 This is a problem with the VTR or Mechanical Transport part of the camcorder. More specifically the reel drive section of that transport. Typically there are a few reasons within the transport that will cause this error code to come up.

Sony error code C:32:11 This error is caused by a loading problem with the Mechanical Transport section. When you you first put a tape inside your camcorder the mechanism “loads” into the proper position to play, record, fast forward, rewind or eject. This area consists of a lot mechanical assemblies working together to make up the loading mechanism.

Sony error code C:32:60 This is a problem with lens portion of the camcorder. This error causes focus type problems. When we see this error, it is typically caused by either a problem with the lens or a drive circuit problem.

Reattach The Power Source This is a generic error, the camcorder is asking you to reset the camcorder. This is done by removing power, such as the power adapter or battery, waiting 10 seconds and then reattaching the power. This error is sometimes accompanied by another Sony error code such as C:31:22, C:31:23, C:31:11, C:32:60 etc.

To talk about these error codes or any others on your Sony camcorder, please give us a call toll free 888-283-2228.

A more in-dept article about Sony Error Codes.

“We stock one of the largest parts inventories in the U.S. of new factory fresh Sony parts for the camcorder models we service”

Sony Camcorder Repair Parts

5 reasons Video One Repair is the top choice for Pro Sony Camcorder Repair


When choosing a camcorder repair service center it’s really hard to know which repair facility is going to really do the right job. Watch our video and learn the five things that really set us apart from our competition.

Why Video One


We are one of the largest repair facilities that services Pro Level Sony camcorders in the U.S.

Shipping your camcorder to us is simple. Click on our Repair Order Form for easy instructions on sending us your camcorder. If you have any questions prior to sending us your camcorder, please call us toll-free at 888-283-2228.