Are you having problems with the ND filter on your Sony NEX-FS700 camcorder getting stuck or is it hard to move? We can look at your FS700 and diagnose what parts need to be repaired or replaced. If you would like to speak to an experienced Sony tech give us a call, we would love to speak with you.

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Hi my name is Sherman and I’m one of the techs here at Video One I’d like to go over a problem that I repair often on the Sony NEX-FS700 camcorder where the ND filter doesn’t lock into position and I’d also like to talk about some possible repair options.

I have this Sony NEX-FS700 camcorder on my bench. When you slide the ND filter Switch, The ND filter does not always complete lock into position and will partially cover the sensor. Sometimes the ND filter switch is also hard to move

This is the ND filter block assembly that is inside of your camcorder. One of the reasons that this problem occurs is because the gears of the assembly are misaligned and the gears must be realigned to work properly.

It is important that if your camcorder is displaying this problem that you not force the switch or continue to try and use the ND filter.

The internal gears may strip and the complete ND filter block would need to be replaced.

Sony does not sell individual parts of the ND filter block, they only sell this part complete.

If this part needs to be replace and cost is a concern, I can modify the ND filter block assembly so that it always stays in the clear position.

These camcorders are very complex and when it comes time to repairing them it is important to find a confident and qualified technician and service center to handle theses repairs.

I have been repairing the Sony NEX-FS700 camcorder since its introduction and am very experienced with it.

Give me a call or go to our website at for more information. Thanks for watching.

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