Sony Camera Sensor Has Spots, Dust, Dirt, Or Debris

Debris On Your CMOS Sensor Causing Spots In Your Images

Over time or when using your Sony A7S ii camera in dusty environments you may see dirt or debris on the front CMOS imaging sensor. These spots can show up on your images or video.

What You Can Do:

Normally the debris on the front sensor is fairly simple to clean and remove. The first thing to do is try using an air bulb. These bulbs blow air which will loosen up dirt and debris on the sensor. If that doesn’t work, we would then recommend using specially made sensor cleaning swabs. These swabs are made of a special material that will clean the sensor without scratching it. It is important that you are very careful when cleaning the sensor of your camera so that you don’t scratch or damage the surface coating.

Sensor Cleaning Service For Your Sony A7Sii:

Cleaning and servicing the sensor on your A7S ii camera is a common service that we provide. We utilize all of the special solutions and cleaning swabs to professionally clean all of dirt and debris off of the sensor. This service is always included whenever we do any repairs to your camera. If there is nothing wrong with your camera but you would like your sensor and camera cleaned and serviced, we provide this service for a nominal charge.

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