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The Sony A7iii glass on the viewfinder is a common part that needs replacement. This problem can occur due to accidental drops or impact. This is a repair that we do quite often.

Video One Repair specializes in serving professionals and businesses by offering speedy 1 week turnaround repairs for the EVF on your Sony ILCE-7M3. We understand the critical role your camera equipment plays and are dedicated to providing top-notch repair services using only OEM Genuine Sony parts.

Exclusively OEM Genuine Sony Parts:

Sony sells the viewfinder part as a complete unit. This means that when you need to replace the viewfinder glass, you will need to replace the entire viewfinder assembly. This is the viewfinder and diopter. It does not include the electronics of the viewfinder. This must be removed and placed on the new viewfinder block.

We take pride in using only Genuine Sony parts in your repair and only sell genuine Sony parts.

Your Trusted Source for OEM Parts for DYI camera repair: We understand that some enthusiasts may prefer to handle their own camera repairs. At Video One Repair, we offer genuine OEM parts for sale, ensuring you have access to the same high-quality components used by our expert technicians. Please be aware that while we provide these parts, we do not recommend DIY repairs due to the intricacies involved in camera maintenance.

If you’re facing issues with shattered or broken glass on your camera’s viewfinder, trust Video One Repair to deliver reliable repairs with genuine Sony OEM parts.

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