Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to contact you before shipping my camcorder to you?
    No, simply follow the step-by-step instructions on our repair order page.
  • Is there any charge if I don’t want to have my camcorder repaired?
    No, the estimate and return shipping is free even if you don’t want to have your camcorder repaired.
  • Do you offer rush repair services?
    Yes, our normal turnaround time is a week after you approve the estimate however, if you need your camcorder back quicker just call us the morning after we receive it and let us know that you are in a rush for it, and in most cases we can get your camcorder back to you in just a day or two.
  • How do I pay you?
    We accept all major credit cards and you may also send in a personal check or money order for estimate amount.
  • How and when do I get my estimate?
    A technician will call you within two business days of receiving your camcorder. We will fully evaluate your camcorder and and let you know what’s wrong with it and how much it will cost to get fixed.
  • Is there a charge if you can’t fix my camcorder properly or cannot complete the repair?
    No, we never charge for uncompleted repairs.
  • I just got my camcorder back and it started displaying a completely different problem than what I sent it in for. Will there be any additional charges if I send it back to you?
    No, we warrantee the entire camcorder for a period of six months after you receive the camcorder. If you are having any problems with it, even if they’re unrelated to the original problem, just send it back into us and we will take care of it at no charge. The only exception to this is for man-made problems like water damage or impact.
  • How long does it take?
    Normally, you will get your estimate within 2 business days after we receive your camcorder. Most repairs are completed in less than a week after you approve the estimate. Rush turnarounds are available at no charge. Call us for more details on our rush service.
  • What shipping carrier should I use to send my camcorder to you with and should I insure it?
    You could use any shipping carrier that is convenient to you. We recommend UPS or FedEx but USPS is fine too. We also recommend insuring your camcorder for its current value.
  • How long have you been in business?
    Video One was established in 1994
  • Will you buy my broken camcorder if I don’t want to have it fixed?
    Yes, in most cases we will buy your camcorder from you. Just let us know that you would like to sell it and we will offer you a fair price.
  • How do I package my camcorder so that it gets to you safely?
    First off it is very rare that we get a camcorder sent to us that was damaged in shipping even if it wasn’t packaged properly. The proper way to package your camcorder is to wrap it with some bubble wrap and put it in a box with at least 2″ of packing popcorn around it.

If you have any other questions please call  (888) 283-2228