Sony & Canon Pro Camcorder & Camera Repairs

Tired of repair shops that don’t know your high end camcorder or camera?

3 BIG Problems with Using a Non-Specialist Repair Shop for Your Pro Level Equipment:

  1. Not Repaired Right: It’s common that consumer grade repair shops don’t fix high-end camcorders and cameras right the first time.  What sets us apart from them is our experience with only these models and that we use the proper equipment for testing and repairing to the highest factory specs. Because of our experience we know all of the common problem areas: which parts fail, proper disassembly and reassembly procedures. This means you get a more thorough, proper and dependable repair.
  2. Slow Turnaround: Other shops don’t understand the Professional Videographer’s needs and how you DEPEND on your equipment for your job.  Working with a shop that understands this is critical.  We understand this and know you need your camera back as fast as possible.  We’ve developed our systems to ensure quick turnaround because we truly understand your needs.
  3. Inaccurate estimates that delay repair and wind up costing you more: Non-specialists commonly work on consumer grade cameras and often give inaccurate estimates over the phone or email when it comes to high end equipment like yours.  That frequently results in headaches, inconvenience and needless expenses


Ready to send your camera or camcorder into us?

The Most UNHEARD OF Guarantee in the Industry

We warranty your ENTIRE CAMERA – not just the repair – for 6 months!

We don’t just repair the single complaint and send it back like most other shops. Most shops only warranty the part that was repaired for 1-3 months. The reason we can give you this warranty is because of the extra steps we go through to help ensure you get more years of solid and dependable use.   We know your camcorder and camera extremely well.  We go through each of its systems to identify problem areas and we solve them before they require another repair.

We’re Not A Vacation Spot For Your Camera

You NEED it Back FAST!

When you’re camera’s here it will not just lay around on the shelf taking it easy with the other camcorders and cameras.  We know you need your equipment back to work as quickly as possible.  We are constantly on top of the repair and most repairs are completed within a week or less.  Rush repairs can be done in just 1-2 days – at no additional charge.

It’s All Free!
Free Estimates, Free Return Shipping

We don’t just email you a “bait and switch estimate” like too many shops online.  Those shops just want you to send it in knowing you’ll likely say yes to an estimate that could be 10 times higher once they have your equipment in their hands.  We actually put it on the bench, troubleshoot, and diagnose it then give you a real estimate you can depend on.  We never charge for an estimate or standard return shipping!


Wish Your Best Friend Was A Camera Tech?

Like your best friend, we are just a phone call away.  We’ll help you with advice, troubleshooting and answer your technical questions for your camcorder or camera. If you’re not sure your camcorder or camera needs to come in for repair, or if it’s something we can help with over the phone, just call and talk to one of our Sony or Canon technicians and we will do our best to help.

Give us a call today at   888-283-2228, you’ll be glad you found us!

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