Sony E:62:10 Lens Error

This Article Includes The Sony HXR-NX5 and The Sony HDR-AX2000

When you power up your camcorder and the E:62:10 message is flashing you are most likely experiencing a lens malfunction. You may hear a noise and feel a slight vibration. The internals of the lens may shift and cause a vignetting in the image. You may also see the corner of the lens hood or lens barrel in the image.

The E:62:10 lens error message is a common issue on the Sony HXR-NX5 and HDR-AX2000 camcorders. You have done nothing wrong, but the error message keeps displaying off and on and you are not sure what to do.

Here is what you need to know.

E:62:10 Lens Error on Sony HXR-NX5 and HDR-AX2000 Camcorders

The Sony camcorder E:62:10 error is a lens malfunction. We commonly see this occurring with Sony HXR-NX5 and HVR-AX2000 camcorders, but it can also happen with any Sony model. It is an intermittent problem that may occur over and over again.

Typically this error occurs because of two primary issues:

  1. Overall use and years of wear and tear on the camcorder.
  2. The camera gets knocked around which causes the lens to get out of adjustment.

Dropping the camcorder on the ground, bumping it up against other objects, laying it roughly down on a hard surface… all can send your very sensitive Sony lens adjustments and alignments out of whack.

When the internal parts get moved around it can result in the lens drive electronics not being able to communicate properly with the lens. The circuits become confused and the result is the E:62:10 error being displayed.

What If This Happens in the Middle of a Shoot?

If you are in the middle of a shoot and the E:62:10 error pops up try turning the camcorder off and removing the power source. Then plug it back in and turn on. This resets the microprocessor and could get your camcorder circuits reconnected and the video camera working properly again.

This doesn’t – unfortunately – mean that you’ve fixed the problem. It is a temporary fix only. The problem will most likely keep reoccurring until you take the time to have it repaired properly.

Why Do I Keep Seeing the E:62:10 Error?

There are a few contributing factors as to why the E:62:10 error is intermittent. These include but are not limited to:

  • Temperature of the shooting environment.
  • Condition of the lens.
  • Overall state of the current lens alignment.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Fix My Camcorder?

We have seen some very unwanted additional problems if this issue does not get resolved. Unplugging then plugging the video camera back in may help a few times at the start of this issue, but if you do not get your video camera repaired the result will be more damage to the lens.

When the E:62:10 error is flashing, and your camcorder is in a malfunctioning state, it can weaken the internals of the lens, which can result in further damage to the lens.

Our recommendations are to finish your shoot and send the camera in for repair before creating a more serious and costly issue to fix.

How Is the E:62:10 Error Issue Fixed?

This problem is normally fixed by electronically changing the way the lens drive circuits control the lens. It is also recommended to do a full lens adjustment and realignment of the lens. This not only stops the issue from happening over and over, it also prevents further destruction of the lens.

If you are having soft focus or back focus issues with your camcorder, that will be corrected in this repair too.

If you have any questions about the E:62:10 error, or your Sony HXR-NX5U or HDR-AX2000 camcorder, give us a call or send us an email. We are very experienced with this problem and these Sony camcorder models and would be happy to help you with any problems that you are having.