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Common Repairs On The Canon 1DX MK III

  • Goes Into Error: “An Error Prevented Shooting. Turn The Camera Off and On Again.”
  • Err 10, Err 20, Err 30, Err 40, Err 50, Err 60, Error 70, or Error 80 will display on the LCD Screen.
  • Error 01, Err 01 “Communications Between The Camera and Lens is Faulty. Clean The Lens Contacts.”
  • Error 02, Err 02 “Card (1 or 2) Cannot Be Accessed. Reinsert/change Card or Format Card (1 or 2) With Camera.”
  • Error 04, Err 04 “Cannot Save Images Because Card (1 or 2) Is Full. Replace Card (1 or 2).”
  • Error 06. Err 06 “Sensor Cleaning Is Not Possible. Turn The Camera Off And On Again.”
  • Controls, Knobs or Buttons Not Working or Are Intermittent
  • HDMI or USB Looses Connection Or Doesn’t Work, No HDMI or USB Output
  • Spots of Debris on Sensor.
  • Lens Mount is Loose.
  • Problems With The Mirror, The Mirror is Broken, Or Possibly Fell Out
  • SD Memory Card Reader Doesn’t Work or Card Doesn’t Lock in or Stay in the Slot. Card Reader Pins May Be Bent.
  • LCD Screen Is Cracked Or Broken, LCD Screen Replacement.
  • Power problems, Camera Not Powering On, Dead.
  • Camera Has suffered impact damage. Was dropped or jarred. May Have Physical Damage or May Simply Not Work Properly.
  • Water, Liquid, or Moisture Damage.


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