Sony PMW-200 Repair Dropped or Impact

Did your Sony PWM-200 camcorder suffer impact or fall off the tripod? We can help. We can look the camcorder over and diagnose what needs to be repaired and replaced. When these camcorders take a tumble the handle usually suffers the majority of the damage. If you would like to speak to an experienced tech give us a call and we would love to speak with you.

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Hey Guys, my name is Sherman and I am one of the techs here at VideoOneRepair. I would like to go over a repair that I commonly do with to the Sony PMW-200 camcorder. When these camera are dropped or suffer some type of impact, usually it’s the handle that breaks.

I have a Sony PMW-200 camcorder on my bench that fell off a tripod during a shoot. When these camcorders suffer impact typically the handle frame will break in one or more places. On this camcorder the handle frame is broken here at the front base where it connects to the body of the camcorder.

This is a high stress area of the camcorder and it is best not to glue or tape the handle back together. Also make sure not to hold or carry the camcorder by the handle, when it is in a broken state or you may damage the internal connections.

When these camcorders suffer impact it is very important that all areas of the camcorder are thoroughly checked. In most cases the handle frame will need to be replaced. We only use genuine Sony parts and always have this part in stock.

These camcorders are very complex and when it comes time to repairing them it is important to find a confident, qualified technician and service center to handle theses repairs.

I have been repairing the Sony PMW-200 camcorders since their introduction and am very experienced with them. Give me a call or go to our website at for more information. Thanks for watching.

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