Canon XL2 Audio and Video Problems

Here is a video describing a problem we see on the Canon XL2 camcorders. You may be experiencing audio and video problems such as lines through the picture, video dropouts, audio dropouts. The video also tells a bit about our company and our services for Canon Camcorder Repairs for Professional and Prosumer level camcorders.

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Hello my name is Sheryl, I’m one of the lead technicians at Video One I’d like to go over a problem that we sometimes see on the Canon Xl2 camcorders.

You may be experiencing picture problems or pixelization or possibly audio or timecode dropout. There maybe parts in your mechanical assembly which are defective and causing this problem.

It’s very important that when this repair is done, that it is done by an experienced technician.Here at Video One were very experienced at repairing the Canon XL2 camcorders.

We offer a totally free estimate as well as free return shipping. We also offer a full six month warranty, not just on what the camera was sent in for but the entire camcorder.

If you like to call and speak to us in regards to this problem or any problem that you’re having with your Canon XL2 camcorder please call us anytime. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you.

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