Canon XL H1 Will Not Eject Tape

Is there a tape stuck in your Canon XL-H1 camcorder? These camcorders can display a problem with the tape not ejecting or the eject switch not responding. We have a video going over this exact problem and how we can help you get your camcorder back up and running again.

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Hello my name is Sheryl, I’m one of the Canon technicians at I would like to go over a common problem that we sometimes see on the Canon XL-H1 camcorder not ejecting properly.

You may find that when you slide the eject switch over, the camcorder does not respond. This problem may be intermittent and you may have to slide this which multiple times to get the camcorder to eject.

The problem with the camcorder is a faulty internal electronic switch. This part must be replaced in order to correct this problem.

If you are in the middle of a shoot and really need to eject the tape, I would suggest sliding the eject switch several times in a row quickly. You can also try holding the switch in the eject position while gently wiggling it back and forth.

Never spray anything into this assembly or try and pry the tape out of the camcorder. This will only cause damage to the camcorder and the tape.

When you are ready to send your camcorder in for repair, we would be happy to help you get it up and running again.

At Video One Repair, we specialize in repairing the XL-H1 camcorder.

If you have any questions about this or any problem you’re having with your camcorder, give us a call and speak to me or any one of our knowledgeable Canon technicians. You can also visit our website that or just click on the link to our website in the description below. We look forward to helping you

Actual customer complaints with Eject problems on their Canon XL H1 camcorder.

“Won’t eject the tape. The window pops open after sliding the eject lever, but no movement with the tape casing.”

“When I press the eject button the tape carriage does not go do its usual process. Have to repeat pushing the eject button a lot of times before it will open up.”

“This Canon XLH1 has been very reliable. Recently, the cassette door was hard to open. After multiple times trying to open the cassette door, it finally opens. Yesterday, it opened on the first try. Never had any servicing.”

“Problem that happens frequently is the tape will not eject. The cover will open, but at times the tape will not eject until after multiple repeated attempts to get it to open.”

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