Canon XL H1 Loose Ports Repair

The Canon XLH1 camcorder can develop a problem where all or some of the ports on the back of the camcorder will stop working or loosen. This includes the DV port, Headphone port and LANC port. The screws internally in the camera, loosen causing this problem. We have a video going over this exact problem and how we can help you get your camcorder back up and running again.

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Hello my name is Sheryl, I’m one of the Canon technicians at In this video, I would like to show you a common problem with The Canon XL-H1 camcorder, that can cause one or all of the port on the back of your camcorder to not to work properly.

You may find that the ports on the back of the camcorder, such as the DV FireWire, headphone jack and LANC jack are pushed in or are loose.
The reason that this happens, is that the internal screws are not tightened properly when the camcorder is assembled from new. As time passes the screws fall out and move around freely in the camcorder.

It is very important that the repairs are done thoroughly and that all the screws throughout the camcorder are checked and tightened properly. The camcorder must be repaired professionally by an experienced technician.

At, we specialize in repairing the Canon XL H1 camcorder. We’d love to help you get your camcorder up and running again. Give us a call and speak to me or anyone of our knowledgeable Canon technicians.

You can also visit our website at or just click on the link to our website in the description below. We look forward to helping you.

Actual customer complaints with Loose or not working ports on their Canon XL H1 camcorder.

“Firewire port on back is loose, the camera will not hook up to computer”

“The known issues on my camera are: The LANC & Firewire connections are not functional.”

“The issues I am having with my Canon XL-H1 are: 1. The firewire port is not working and it’s loose. 2. The headphone jack is loose and damaged.”

“Loose Firewire port, but will work if holding at angle.”

“Firewire port on the back has completely failed. I’ve tested it with multiple cables, all with the same result.”

“The LANC connector (just below the firewire port-3-conductor phone jack), used for zoom and focus control is intermittent-also tested with multiple controllers with the same result.”

“Possible loose connection on Component Out on rear of camera. Something rattling around in camcorder may be loose screws.”

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