Canon GL2 Zoom Rocker Problem

This video goes over a common problem we sometimes see on the Canon GL2 camcorders. If you are having any of the following problems, this video goes over the problem and the fix. We specialize in repairing and servicing the Canon GL2 mini DV camcorders and are very familiar with this problem. As always, if you would like to speak to a technician about the problem you are having with your digital video camera call us anytime.

Your Canon GL2 video camera will not zoom at all. The zoom control or side rocker is not working at all. The camcorder will zoom in or out on its own. The zoom will creep or zoom very slowly. This can sometime effect the top zoom control as well. Lean more about what makes Video One Repair Your Number 1 choice for Canon Camcorder Repair.

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Hi my name is Sheryl and I’m one of the lead technicians at Video One I like to go over a problem that we sometimes see on the Canon GL2 camcorders.

You may find that your side zoom control won’t work or you may find that the camcorder will zoom in and out on its own without you touching the zoom control. You may even find that in some circumstances that your top zoom control won’t function as well.

Basically what goes wrong is both the zoom control as well as the flexible cable that runs from the side cabinet into the main part of the camera goes faulty and these parts need to be replaced. It’s very important that when these repairs are done, they are done by an experienced technician.

Here at Video One we are very experienced at working on the Canon GL2 camcorders, we know how to repair them both reasonably and reliably.

Any time that we do any repairs to the camera we always include a full six month warranty, not just on what you sent the camera in for, but the entire camera.

We also offer free estimates as well as free return shipping and we always include cleaning and servicing the camera as well. If you’d like to call and speak to a technician in regards to this problem or any problem that you’re having with your Canon GL2 camera, please call us at toll-free 888-283-2228. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you.

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