Canon GL2 Tape Transport Mechanical Problem “Remove the Cassette”

Are you experiencing mechanical or tape transport problems with your Canon GL2 camcorder? When this model camcorder is having mechanical problems the camcorder may display an “Remove the Cassette” Error on screen. They camcorder may also be eating or damaging tapes. The camcorder can also display picture problems when the mechanical assembly is not functioning correctly. Here is a information video addressing these problems.

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Hello my name is Sheryl, I am one of the lead technicians at I would like to go over a problem that we sometimes see on the Canon GL2 camcorders.

You may find that the camcorder maybe displaying a “Remove the Cassette” error. It may be eating tapes or damaging tapes and in some circumstances, you may be experiencing picture problems as well.

It is very important that that when the camera is displaying these problems, that you not continue to use the camera. It could cause additional damage to the camcorder and more importantly you could lose a valuable tape.

Basically what happens is there are parts in the mechanical assembly that are defective, which are causing these issues.

It is very important that these repairs are done by an experienced repair technician and here at we are very experienced at repairing the canon GL2 camcorder. We know how to repair them both reasonably and reliably.

Anytime that we do any repairs to the camcorder, we always include a full six months warranty not just on what it was sent in for but the entire camcorder.

We also offer free estimates as well as free return shipping and we always include cleaning and servicing the camcorder.

If you would like to call and speak to a technician in regards to this problem or any problem that you’re having with your Canon GL2 camcorder, Please call us at toll-free 888-283-2228.

Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you

Actual customer complaints with mechyanical tape transport problems on their Canon GL2 camcorder.

“The Canon GL2 is eating the tape. When ejecting the tape from the Canon, the tape unravels in the machine. The message in the screen appears Remove Tape.”

“Remove cassette error every time tape is put in camcorder”

“Am having “dirty head” errors with my Canon GL2 camera, before this was eating tapes”

“I am having a problem with my GL2 rewinding, it displays “Remove The Cassette” in red letters and then the tape stops rewinding”

“I get the message “eject tape” or “remove tape” randomly after I start recording and/or the VCR playback mode on my Canon GL2 camera”

“Camera cassette won’t record and ejects when trying to operate occasionally”

“The carriage is not working properly. Keep getting error message to eject tape on this GL2 camera”

“After recording for awhile, a message flashes on the camera, “REMOVE CASSETTE”. I have removed cassette, placed it back in camera, pressed “record” button and message “REMOVE CASSETTE” comes on again. I tried a different/new tape and the same message/problem persists.”

“Keep getting message remove cassette no matter what I do.”

“Picture breaks up when I record something new, can not play back old recordings either”

“My Canon GL2 camcorder will not record or playback correctly, it also unwinds the tape out of the tape holder”

“GL2 developed those symptoms – Eats tapes – Remove Cassette Warning – Can’t record or play”

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