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Sony DSR-PD170 Problem and Troubleshooting Support

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There are many different problems you may be experiencing with your Sony DSR-PD170 camcorder. Here is a list of common problems we see with Sony video cameras. Please call us so we can discuss the exact problem you are having with your Sony DSR-PD170 camcorder. We would be happy to talk with you and see if we can give you more information on what repairs are necessary to put your camcorder back to Sony factory specifications.

    • There is a stuck tape in the camcorder. Tape will not eject.
    • There is a problem with the camcorder not zooming in or out. The video camera will not zoom at all. The camcorder will zoom in and out on its own without touching the zoom control. The zoom control or zoom rocker is bad or not working.
    • The audio will dropout or the picture will break up while playing a tape back on the video camera. This is sometimes referred to as pixilation. There are picture problems along the left or right side of the screen.
    • There is a problem with camcorder eating the tape or damaging the tape.
    • Camcorder will not power up with the battery or the AC power. Camcorder is dead. Camcorder is only dead in camera mode or playback mode. The power switch is flaky or faulty.
    • There is a problem with the video camera when you hook it up to the computer. The computer will not communicate with the video camera via the firewire port connector or DV jack Connector.
    • Camcorder will not display a picture in playback mode. This could be caused by dirty video heads. Error code C:22:00 might appear.
    • There is a problem with the picture when the camcorder is in camera mode. Such as distortion, color problems, picture is not sharp, or no picture at all.
    • There is a problem with the CCD Imager, prism or sensor.
    • The time code on the video camera drops out while recording and playing back.
    • The camcorder will display a condensation error or dew error. This problem will sometimes occur even if the camcorder was not subjected to moisture. Error code C:21:00 might appear.
    • Camcorder does not display a picture on the LCD screen but does in the viewfinder. Video camera displays a picture in the viewfinder but not the LCD screen.
    • There is a problem with the video camera mic or microphone not working. It is loose or falling off
    • Camcorder has experienced water or moisture. This will sometimes cause camcorder to go into a dew error or condensation error but not always.
    • The video camera lens in not working. It does not focus correctly, has soft focus or problems with back focus.
    • There is spotting in the camcorder lens, such as dust, debris, mold, fungus, or water spots.
    • Video camera is displaying a lens or focus error code such as E:61:00 E:61:10 E:61:11 E:61:30 E:62:00 E:62:01 E:62:02 E:62:03 E:62:10 E:61:30  E 62:11 E 62:12 E:62:20 C:32:60
    • Video camera is displaying a tape transport or mechanical error code such as C:31:00 C32:10 C:31:11 C:32:11 C:31:20 C:32:20 C:31:21 C:32:21 C:31:22 C:32:22 C:31:23 C:32:23 C:31:30  C:32:30 C:31:40 C:32:40 C:31:42 C:32:42
    • Audio problem. There is no or low audio through the XLR inputs.

If you are having a problem with your Sony DSR-PD170 camcorder, please feel free to give us a call and we can help you troubleshoot the problem you are having. As always, there is no charge to speak to a technician for troubleshooting support and technical questions.